1. Can anybody learn to fly gliders?
Providing you are reasonably fit, anyone can learn to fly. The co-ordination skills required are similar to learning to drive a car. You could start as young as 10, go solo at 15, and still be flying at 80.
2. How do gliders stay up without an engine?
A glider is a very, very efficient aircraft that uses rising air currents for extended flights (just like eagles). On the right day with the right conditions, you can stay up for hours and travel long distances.
3. How do I join the the Melbourne Gliding Club (VMFG)?
Call our Membership Officer Judy Lake on 0402 281 928 (this is her new number).
4. How do I start?
Give our Membership Officer Judy Laker a call on 0402 281 928 and she will guide you through the joining process. Once you are a member, you will have access to our modern fleet of 2 seat gliders and begin your training with one of our many qualified instructors.
5. How fast do gliders go?
Most gliders will cruise at 100kph, but can slow down to 75kph or speed up to 200kph or more…
6. How much does it cost to go solo?
Everyone is different, but generally it takes between 30 and 50 flights with an instructor to cover the GFA syllabus and then to go solo. So between $3,000 and $5,000 over a 3–6 month period.
7. How much does it cost to join?
The VMFG annual Membership Fee, the GFA Annual Membership Fee and all joining fees and glider hire fees are all listed on Membership page – don't forget that the VMFG has the most modern fleet in Australia.
8. I want to try gliding, but I'm not sure it's for me?
Call Judy Laker and organise a trial Air Experience Flight with one of our qualified instructors and experience first hand the joys of silent flight.
9. What about aerobatics?
The Melbourne Gliding Club has 3 two seat aircraft capable of aerobatics and qualified Aerobatics Instructors.
10. Why do people love gliding?
Gliding is one of the most purest forms of flying. Like sailing a boat, you are using the wind and air currents to gain height and to extend your flight. Looking at the world from above, flying with eagles and enjoying the sights all in a modern efficient and silent glider sare just some of the reasons people love gliding.