To fly or learn to fly with the Melbourne Gliding Club you need to do the following:

  • apply to become a member of our club MGC and on acceptance
  • take out GFA membership*.

As well as membership fees you will be invoiced for each flight. Invoices are sent to you monthly.

The MGC membership year is July–June so fees are paid on a pro-rata basis. A debenture is also charged which is your investment into the clubs many aircraft, and facilities. This varies per membership type, but is fully refunded when you leave the club.

*In Australia, the regulations require you to be a member of the national gliding regulatory body, the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA). GFA membership cover such things as public liability insurance and the gliding magazine Soaring Australia. 

Short-term memberships are available for overseas visitors. Please give us a call to find out more about these rates.

If you would like to join the club please follow this link to our membership website:

Melbourne Gliding Club (MGC)

For more information or to join the Melbourne Gliding Club contact 03 8683 7240.

How much does it cost to learn to fly gliders?

Current estimate to your first solo flight, based on – 50 flights, 25 hours in 2 seat glider with instructor and solo within one year of membership – approximately $4000. Cost per year thereafter flying approximately 50 hours solo over 50 flights in club gliders – only approximately $5000 or $100 per hour.

An average training flight would be seven minutes on aerotow behind one of our tugs, taking you to an altitude of 2,000 ft (600 metres). If you spent 30 minutes flying in a DG 505 during training, you would be charged $40 for the aerotow and $30 for the glider.

Instruction is FREE. Our fully qualified instructors volunteer their time to train members from your first flight through to cross-country, aerobatics, competition flying and even to becoming an instructor yourself.

Membership types

Flying membership

Entitles the member to all phases of the instruction and access to fly the club aircraft according to the ratings held. All instruction is provided by GFA qualified instructors to lead members to solo standard and beyond. Suitably qualified pilots can apply to take club aircraft away to another site.

Family flying membership

For an immediate family member of a Flying Member who is not in receipt of a separate full-time income.

Junior membership

Open to Junior Members under 21 or under 26 years of age.

Associate membership

This is effectively a social membership and allows a small number of flights at club rates but does not include any instruction.

Membership costs

Membership Type Fee/Annum
Adult $270
Senior - 65 and over $210
Junior – Under 18 $55
Junior – Under 21 $55
Junior – Under 26 $135
Family* – Adult $130
Family* – under 18 $30
Family* – under 21 $30
Family* – under 26 $65
Short Term (3 months) onetime only $80
Social / Associate $50
Debenture $300
AAFC Membership $300

*Family do not pay a Debenture. One time only for the duration of the scholarship.

Please note that Debentures are a one time non interest bearing loan to the club and are refundable on leaving the club.

For more information or to join The Melbourne Gliding Club contact 03 8683 7240.

GFA fees

In Australia, the regulations require you to be a member of the national gliding regulatory body, the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA). As of March 2013, the GFA fees are:

  • $244 for a full year membership
  • $75 for one month (Short term)
  • $93 for three months (Short term)

Short term memberships can only be purchased once, after which, if you decide to continue you would take out an annual membership. Membership gives you access to insurance and annual membership pays for a subscription to the gliding magazine. Visit the GFA website for up to date information.

Glider hire rates

These rates are available to club members only.

Glider Registration Description $/min $/hour

DG 1001
VH-NDG High performance 2 seater - training 0.76 45.60

DG 505
VH-VMF High performance 2 seater – training 0.72 43.20

Duo Discus
VH-ZRD High performance 2 seater 0.79 47.40

Januc B
VH-GVU High performance 2 seater 0.55 33.00

Discuss CS
VH-VCS High performance single seater 0.62 37.20

VH-CQP High performance single seater  0.48 28.80

Launch costs

Launch costs cover the tow plane expenses. These are calculated from when the tow plane takes off to when it lands, typically anything from 5 to 8 minutes. There is a per minute rate which includes the cost of maintaining the aircraft and the fuel. AVGAS prices can vary month to month so the tow rate also will vary. Typically the rate is $5.29/min.