"Murray's duo"


Sorry Murray, but you've lost your glider! It has now officially been renamed "jackson's Duo"..   Read more >



For those who aren't lucky enough to own a flight recorder... There is a solution! There is a free mobile app called "See you recorder" for iPhones and androids that can be used to log your flight and upload them directly to OLC! I hope I will be seeing tones of flights this year on OLC! I..   Read more >

SZD 51-1 "Junior"


So recently the club purchased a new old glider (new to us) as the initial single seater pilots convert into, I have had the pleasure of three flights in this gadget. The junior handles really well, is easy to fly on aerotow, had good air breaks for landing and is quite nice overall on the controls...   Read more >

Winch launch

14-Jun-2015  |  0 Comments

Good to get up on the winch in NDG with John Parncutt on Saturday. First winch launch for about 15 years...   Read more >

Instructor profile updates

14-May-2015  |  0 Comments

Both John Parncutt and Philip Volk have updated their Instructor profiles. Check them out on the Instructor profiles page (   Read more >

Update on our DG1001 regards fin ballast.

21-Apr-2015  |  0 Comments

1. Having placed the appropriate ballast in the box ensure that the locking pin is fully up. 2. Each time the ballast box cover is fitted then New tape is to be applied. 3. Any tape residue is to be cleaned off, prior to new tape being applied. 4. Pilot in command is responsible for ensuring that th..   Read more >

Previous News report


The previous report, picture shows what was found after landing...   Read more >

Ballast Blocks in the DG10001


4.2.4 Ballast box in the fin Warning: Check that the locking device has engaged completely. Tape the cover of the fin ballast box with tape min. 19mm (3/4 in.) wide prior to each flight. A control light in the front instrument panel starts blinking after each transaction with the weights. By countin..   Read more >