What is soaring?

Soaring is making use of the columns of rising air (thermals) to gain height - eagles do just the same thing. Mountain soaring is using ridge lift – the wind that comes up the side of the mountain. Lift is also generated by heat rising from exposed stone on mountain sides.

At Bacchus Marsh we have lots of open space with paddocks, crops, wooded areas, an open cut mine, a quarry and a railway cutting, each delivering thermal lift. The airfield has the Brisbane Ranges to the west. The ranges are not high enough for mountain soaring but they provide thermals from the wooded areas. There is also a little ridge lift generated when there are northerly winds and we can get wave generated from Mt Blackwood and accompanying ranges.


Yes, you can do aerobatics in some gliders. At MGC we have three aerobatic rated gliders an we have aerobatic rated instructors who are available to take you on an aerobatic flight. Students are able to learn aerobatic flying at the Melbourne Gliding Club.

Go to the video gallery to see videos of gliders in aerobatic flight.