Flying lesson are free at the Melbourne Gliding Club. We have GFA certified club members who offer their time at no cost to teach other club members how to fly a glider. To be clear, you have to pay to join the club and pay for the use of the tug and the glider but instruction is free.

Learning to fly is a participatory activity. It takes lots of people to get you airborne – there is the tug pilot, the duty pilot, the time keeper, your instructor, the person holding your wing tip helping launch the glider and the one standing forward of the launch doing mysterious hand signals. Then there is the group that walks across the airfield when you land to help push the glider back to the launch point.

So if you want to learn to fly at VMFG you need to be prepared to help others with their flying at the same time.

Ready to give it a try? Start with an Air Experience Flight. If that convinces you then come along on the weekends and start learning. We are at the airfield from 9am on both Saturday and Sundays. Arrive early and talk to the duty pilot about what you want to do and they will get you started.

See you at the airfield. Still have questions about membership and learning to fly? Call Judy Laker on 0402 281 928.