Air Experience Flights are available from the Melbourne Gliding Club's base at the Bacchus Marsh aerodrome.

These are designed to give you a taste of what gliding is all about!

People do just turn up, but it is better to ring our AEF contact, so as we can advise you of an appropriate time to arrive so as to better meet your needs.

Bring your camera as you can expect to get some spectacular views.

What to expect

After a briefing by your qualified flight instructor you will be aero-towed to your chosen release height by one of our tow aircraft. Once free from the tug the wonderful experience of 'silent flight' commences. Keep your eyes out for eagles and be prepared for breathtaking views.

If you wish your instructor will allow you to have some 'hands on' flying experience and introduce you to the basics of flying a sailplane, before you glide gently back to the airfield for a smooth landing.

You will be flown in a modern high performance twin seat glider, so get ready for the thrill of your life.

Aerobatic flights

Air experience flights do not normally include aerobatics. If you wish to partake of this experience you will have to ring first to ensure an aerobatic rated pilot is available.

  • Standard
  • AU$249
  • 2,000 feet above ground level
  • Up to 20 minutes
  • Deluxe
  • AU$299
  • 3,000 feet above ground level
  • Up to 30 minutes

Gift vouchers

The club offers trial flights so that people with an interest in gliding can experience the sensation of silent flight.

If you wish to give this opportunity to a special person, we have vouchers available.

VMFG voucher

How to find us

Driving directions and map can be found here. Please read the parking instructions when parking near the airfield.

How to book an air experience flight or buy vouchers

Contact Judy Laker on 0402 281 928 or

She will advise you on the available days and provide you with information on best time to arrive, weather prospects etc.